International Leadership of Texas requires all students to wear a uniform. Any additions or modifications to the uniform due to medical, religious or other reasons must be approved by the campus principal.

Why School Uniforms?

School uniforms help put a student’s focus where it belongs. Your child’s true personality is most fully nurtured and refined when their school environment puts the focus on who they are, not on what they wear. Any parent who has experienced the change that occurs after the transition from street clothes to school uniforms will agree! Not a single school that introduces a new uniform program ever lets it expire or be overturned. After experiencing the difference school uniforms make, you will wonder how you, your student and your school ever went without them!

When a student wears a school uniform, it:

  • Eliminates school wardrobe debates, hassles and delays in the morning
  • Eliminates peer pressure and competition
  • Creates a safe, focused school environment
  • Fosters unity among diverse student populations
  • Puts the focus on students’ true personalities
  • Saves family money
  • Increases school revenue
  • School Uniforms Let Your Child’s True Colors Shine!
K-8 Uniforms
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HS Uniforms (Arlington, Grand Prairie)
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HS Uniforms (Garland, DeSoto, Keller-Saginaw)
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Uniform FAQs


ILTexas has specific styles for each day of the week.

The following terms define the different types of dress days:

  • FORMAL DRESS DAYS - Formal dress days will be every Monday and on special events that will be scheduled in advance.
  • NON-FORMAL DRESS DAYS - These days include Tuesday through Friday.
  • SPIRIT DAYS - Students will be allowed to wear a college or school shirt with jeans on spirit days. These days will be scheduled in advance.


Academic Outfitters - Tarrant Area Store Hours
5941 Posey Ln, Haltom City, TX 76117
Sunday and Monday - Closed
Tues - Friday: 11am - 6pm
Saturday: 1pm - 6pm